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口译服务中心可安排通晓超过 35 种语言的口译人员为患者及其家人提供服务。您可在抵达医院之前申请口译服务。If you need an interpreter while you are in the hospital, please ask your child's nurse or page the interpreter on-call through the page operator at 617-355-6369.

Spanish-speaking interpreters are available 24 hours a day. They are in the hospital on weekdays from 8:30 上午 to 6 下午 and are on call evenings and weekends. The interpreter on call can also help locate interpreters in other languages to help in person or via a three-way phone conference.

所有家庭均需清晰说明孩子的住院经历。If you need an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, ask your child's nurse or physician to contact the interpreter on call through the page operator, 617-355-6369 (24 hours a day). 失聪人员可通过 +1-617-355-6603/TTY 给 ASL 口译人员发送信息。有关医院 TTY 服务的更多信息,请查看联系电话和 TTY。


Hunnewell Building, 1st Floor
工作时间:每天 24 小时

Interpreter services can be arranged through the page operator at ext. 5-6369 from inside the hospital, or at 617-355-6369 from outside the hospital.


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